Next book(s), please

Finished A Rumor of War this morning.  Exhausted.  Loved it.

Normally I would be scanning the book shelves of Carter Library for my next victim, but with so much work to do I’m dedicating the next couple of weeks to scanning (for much needed inspiration!) the books that’ll help my writing along:  Bastard Out of Carolina, all of Mary Karr, some Rick Bragg, and maybe, just maybe, a look or two at Ordinary People.  That should keep me busy, no?

Oops, not so fast.  My book club met last night at Chris’s house to discuss A Tree Grows in Brooklyn which, it seemed like, everyone loved.  As usual, Chris out-did herself with the table decor: tons of photos and things to remind us of Brooklyn and Francie’s life.  Wonderful.  Now we’re moving on to Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.  Confession: I have avoided this book, like I do many, many others, because it is on the best-seller table at the book store and I am — admittedly — a super-persnickety-snob when it comes to “best sellers.”  But I’ve heard from multiple, reliable sources that this is an entertaining story/mystery.  I just need to relax.  And read the book.  And forget about the table it’s displayed on.  The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo it is.