Waldman and Chabon

Last night we went up to the city to hear Ayelet Waldman and husband Michael Chabon talk about the writing life … while married … to each other.  Aside from them both being incredibly humble and smart and charming, I’ll remember the event most because:  The Health Care bill passed with 219 votes during their talk!  This is the most significant social legislation in the last 50 years.  Why does it take us so painfully long to do the right thing?

So back to Waldman and Chabon (since this is, after all, a reading and writing blog) …  I’ve been following Ayelet’s work since a few years back when she wrote that article about loving her husband more than her children.  What she meant, of course, was that her marriage came first and that the family thrived because of her marriage’s strong core.  Women crucified her.  She stood her ground.  And I remember thinking:  I like this woman.  She’s got guts!  She said out loud what many women think and are afraid to say.  Bravo.  Last night the two talked about what it’s like to be 2 full-time writers sharing office space at home, how they juggle their personal life (which includes 4 children) with their work, how they manage to actually get “the work” done and their process for helping with each other’s work, and so so so many other things.  What I’ll remember most I think (aside from those 219 votes for Health Care!!) is their obvious respect for each other.  And how hard they work.

This event benefited WE-ACTx, a program that supports treatment for women and children infected with HIV/AIDS.