Remnick’s “The Bridge”

I’d like to say I have no interest in reading yet another book about President Obama until he’s out of office, but … this one by David Remnick (editor of The New Yorker) appeals because:  (1) it sounds like it has more of a journalistic angle, and (2) Remnick’s research goes beyond the President and takes an objective look at the supporting characters in his life.  Joan Walsh of says:  Remnick ably answers all of those questions, though he qualifies the scope of his work by calling it “biographical journalism.” (He also chases away all the insane conspiracy theories, not by confronting them directly, but with facts.) If you care about American politics, you have to read “The Bridge.”

I also heard this political ad yesterday for a write-in Senate candidate in Missouri, my home state, which makes me want to become all the more informed to fight against the ignorance of hate-mongers like Glenn Miller.  It is frightening that people like this live in our country.  I am just as afraid of Glenn Miller as I am of any foreign terrorist.