Anna Karenina … reading day 2

(1)  This book is hard to hold when reading in bed at night.  I threw my back out last week and am just now fully recovered, so call me paranoid, but I need to figure out how to crane the neck properly for long reading spells; (2) Holding 800 pages in one hand is impossible and makes my right arm fall asleep and get all tingly; (3) I’m on page 40 and have not met Anna yet!! Where is she?!; (4) Why do the Russians have to refer to each other by their almost-full names? The single name method could easily cut 100 pages off this tome; (5) The cover on my book kind of freaks me out: it has some purplish flowers between the knees of a young girl with a bad manicure; and (6) Does Kitty like Levin or not?? So coy!

Until tomorrow …