The Atwood Altar

I’m traveling with friends tomorrow and there’s no way I’m lugging Anna Karenina along.  There’s the obvious heft issue, that it won’t slip easily into my purse, and then there’s the show-off factor.  You know that feeling you get when you see someone reading a big fat classic in public, when you just want to scream “Show Off!” because really, come on, who in their right mind lugs War and Peace or Clarissa out in public unless they’re making fun of you for reading your non-literary airplane trash.

I’m going to give Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing (first published in 1972) a whirl.  It’s been stuffed into the Atwood section of my bookshelf for a few years now, and at only 199 pages it seems like just a little old pamphlet compared to Anna K. 😉  Surfacing has been on my mind since writing my Masters Exam a few weeks ago.  I used Cat’s Eye (one of my all time favorites) for one of my arguments and ran across some research by a woman who’d done her dissertation on Surfacing and said that it’s far more complex than readers and critics initially gave it credit for.  Being one who worships at the Atwood Altar, I expect nothing less.

When I’m back home next week I promise I’ll get right back to Anna K. and see if Levin is going to propose to Kitty …