Crazy Scrabble Words

I just came back from a weekend with good friends.  Golf and cocktails during the day.  Scrabble and cocktails at night.  (Yes, you see the predominant theme …)  But to the point at hand:  we must have played 15+ Scrabble games late into the night, as usual.  But for the first time we used the Official Scrabble Dictionary and boy is that little book ridiculous!  Have you, for instance, ever heard of these words:  za, jo, qi, or aa?  Well hallelujah, sister, because neither have I.  I’ve also learned that “joe” (which I’ve been using for years and years, as in a cup of joe) is not a word in one dictionary, but perfectly fine in another.

aa:  volcanic rock; lava forming jagged masses with a light frothy texture.

za:  an Italian dessert made of whipped and heated egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine, served hot or cold.

qi:  the 22nd letter in the Greek alphabet

jo:  (I haven’t a clue)




Please, people.