Nonfiction Additions to “The List”

Following the vein of my last post, here are the nonfiction books I would include on the SJSU reading list for MFA students.  It would add variety for the myriad kinds of nonfiction writing, and you just can’t have a list like this without Stop Time or The Kiss, can you?  (P.S.  I know Night was published as fiction, but of course it is really nonfiction …)  If you can think of any others, let me know.

Bissinger, H.G.  —  Friday Night Lights

Caputo, Philip  —  A Rumor of War

Chang, Iris  —  The Rape of Nanking

Didion, Joan  —  Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Foster Wallace, David  —  Consider the Lobster

Grealy, Lucy  —  Autobiography of a Face

Hampl, Patricia  —  A Romantic Education

Harrison, Kathryn  —  The Kiss

Levi, Primo  —  Survival in Auschwitz

Lewis, John  —  Walking with the Wind

Mailer, Norman  — The Executioner’s Song

McBride, James  —  The Color of Water

O’Connor, Frank  —  Stop-Time

Parks, Gordon  — A Choice of Weapons

Redfield Jamison, Kay  —  An Unquiet Mind

Rhodes, Richard  —  The Making of the Atomic Bomb

Shields, Carol  —  The Stone Diaries

Spiegelman, Art  —  Maus

Wideman, John Edgar  —  Brothers and Keepers

Wiesel, Elie  —  Night