Reading Laura Bush (v. 2)

I’m still reading this former first lady’s book and enjoying it.  The story is early in The-Life-of-Laura, which is to say I am not past her early childhood years in Midland, Texas yet.  So far it is exactly what you might imagine life in the 1950’s would be like in Texas: perfectly dressed children, perfect housewives adoring their perfect husbands, etc…  I was hoping for a little something more, though her father is a gambler so I guess that will have to suffice.  I am, as you might imagine, dreading the politics part when that comes since everything in my being disagrees with her husband’s time in office, but I will trudge on.  If anything, it will be interesting to see what is glossed over, and how.

More than anything, I’m enjoying the development of the narrative.  The story is just so-so.  I hope Mrs. Bush is thanking her ghost writer every single day for taking the bits and pieces she wants to tell about her life and spinning them into a story worth reading.  Congratulations Lyric Winik.  You’ve done a great job with very little info.