Dog Book, part deux

I read 150 pages of The Art of Racing in the Rain last night.  What a sweet and lovely book; a book a lot of people can read and enjoy.  My 16 yr old niece loved it.  My neighbor loved it.  Me too.  Such a simple story, and a twist to tell the tale of this family from the dog’s perspective.  I’m not crying like a baby yet, but it’s coming.  I assure you of that.  Then I’ll get back to reading about a war, or a criminal, or some awful human condition — but this has most definitely been a nice break.

Have you hugged your dog today? 😉

P.S.  Finished this book this afternoon.  Less than 24 hours of being engrossed in good story.  Loved how he called the mean people “The Twins” and when he peed on those all-important papers.  Naming my next dog Enzo…