Reading Ambition

I should have known.  Should have known I would not make it through 4 books during a one week vacation in Spain.  It’s not like I was lying on the beach for hours and hours a day, whiling away the sun-filled hours with good books and good naps.  No, no, no.  We were in a great city with lots of history and stuff to see.  So ask me what you will about La Sagrada Familia Temple (begun in 1882 and still nowhere close to being finished!) or the Roman Ruins discovered under Barcelona (those Romans were way ahead of their time with their sewage systems and wine making and fish preserving!).  But time to read books?  Not so much.  I only finished one.  But “the one” was a great vacation book:  Red Hook Road by Ayelet Waldman.  A few thoughts on it:  (1) You can read it in a few days.  And you’ll want to read it.   (2) It opens in tragedy and ends in, well, not-tragedy. I’m not going to ruin the ending for you.  (3) You’ll love the mothers-in-law.  Love them.  (4) You’ll learn all you want to know about violins and their masters.  (5) If you’re not from Maine, you’ll get a good feel for the place in summer.  (6) You’ll cry.  Happily, but you’ll cry.