Remember Scholastic?

Remember when you were in grade school and the Scholastic order forms arrived, usually on Fridays?  They would be covered in plastic and on your teacher’s desk first thing in the morning, but she would save them for the end of the day like a treat.  About 30 minutes before the buzzer rang, she’d rip open the package and pass them down each aisle.  You took one for yourself and, if you were like me, the first thing you did was lift it to your nose and breathe it in.  Ahhhh, that packaged new-ink smell!  The teacher would go through the order form and point out things that might be useful for her class, but there were so many books — and comic books, mad libs, puzzles, etc… — and I’d read that sheet of paper all the way home on the bus.

Ironically, I rarely ordered anything.  Most of what Scholastic offered could be found in the school or town library — for free — and it was hard to come up with a good reason to spend 75 cents or $1.25.  I’m guessing this is one of many things that drives me to buy so many books today, when I already have dozens and dozens of books at home that I still have not read!  I’m so lucky to be able to have my own bookshelves, overflowing as they are with books I just can’t part with, whether I’ve read them 10 times or zero.

Are those Scholastic order forms still out there?  With the internet, I’m guessing not.  But how I looked forward to those Friday’s and the opening of all those order forms.  The hopeful reader…