The Bad Book Club Girl

This month our book club is reading Julia Alvarez’s In the Time of the Butterflies.  I gave my thumbs-up to read this book; I read the *fabulous* reviews on; I read the real-life background which is a great story.  I started reading with the BEST of hopes and intentions.

What went wrong?!

Usually when I read a book that’s gotten great “reviews” and end up not loving it, I’m irritated.  Okay, more like pissed off.  So many great books to read, so little time!!  But for this one, I’m just so disappointed.  For the first half, I couldn’t keep the 4 narrators straight.  Granted, I was not reading the book in big chunks, so it could be my fault.  But I hadn’t had this problem with, say, Barbara Kingsolver’s Poisonwood Bible and its multiple narrators, so … hmmmm.  The second half of the book felt like walking through sludge.  Why?!?!  No really, I ask you, WHY?  I just couldn’t make myself care —- and this was (from my pre-reading research) a story to be “cared about” for sure.

I’m perplexed.