Lingering along with Franzen

Still reading Freedom everyday and enjoying Franzen’s many skills, but — you knew there had to be a but — man oh man can he linger.  To be fair, I’m reading mostly at night lately and maybe I’m too tired to read enough pages in a row to appreciate all this lingering, but this book could be cut by about 1/3 and still be an excellent, literary read.  Or maybe I’m just spoiled because I’m still listening to Joan Didion everyday during the long dog-walk and she gets right to the point.  Joanie punches you in the gut and keeps on going without so much as a pause.  I am definitely worshipping at the Didion altar.  I love you Joan.  I do.  Maybe this isn’t so fair to the verbose Franzen, but oh well.

I’m hosting Book Club this week, and I’m hoping everybody got through at least some of David Sedaris’s stories in Me Talk Pretty One Day.  I need the laughs and appreciation for Sedaris’s smarts, along with the wine that Book Club is most famous for.

Cheers.  And happy reading.