“Dog Days of Winter”

Redivider will be publishing an excerpt — “Dog Days of Winter” — from my memoir in Spring 2011.


The good thing about an executive relocation is that the company takes care of moving you.  They negotiate the contract with, say, Allied Van Lines for all the packing and unpacking, as well as the mileage the truck will drive from Old Home to New Home.  No one bothers to tell you how much it costs.  It doesn’t matter.  You’re not paying.  The company is.  You fill out some forms describing your home:  how many people live there, number and types of rooms, how many floors, number of stairs, is there a basement, an attic?  You give a list of electronic equipment – like big screen TVs and home stereo systems – that might require a technician for proper break down.  And that’s it.  The next thing you know, three strangers are trudging up your sidewalk, ready to dismantle your life.

And since yes, I am counting, this makes the 3rd chapter from yet-to-be-published book to be printed as a stand-alone piece.  One more step forward.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.