1.  If you sit your butt in the chair for enough days in a row, you will finish writing your book.  And noise canceling headphones don’t hurt either.

2.  Buying more books does not automatically equal reading more books.  Sadly.

3.  A ton of rejection often leads to enough acceptance.

4.  It is only a 7 minute drive from my house to the library, but it takes another 7 minutes to park, get into that library, find the right chair, and start working.

5.  If you sit your butt in the chair for enough days in a row — and stop exercising — you will gain 20 pounds.  Twenty pounds!!!!

6.  I will continue to make fun of people who don’t read and brag about it.  I figure they’re asking for it.

7.  Writing a memoir is not cathartic.  Whoever spouts that bullshit has never written one.

8.  I still can’t finish a Jonathan Franzen book, start a Michael Chabon novel, or get very far into that John Updike “Rabbit” series.  But I have listened to Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres on audio no less than 10 times this year.  What is that about?

9.  I dislike all short stories and books about New York.  Period.

10.  There’s nothing like reading a book in one or two days and feeling the exhaustion of closing it after that last great page.

11.  If you sit your butt in the chair for enough days in a row — and pretend it’s not summer outside — you go straight from Spring to Fall in what seems like about 2 minutes.  And you didn’t even miss anything.

12.  I love dogs.  I have 2 dogs.  But I swear I’ll slit my wrists if I see anymore books about dogs.  The best, by far, was by Mark Doty, and it was all downhill after that.

13.  It hurts my feelings when someone asks to read my work, and then doesn’t bother reading it.

14.  I enjoyed my childhood much more than I used to think I did.  (can someone please rewrite that sentence for me…)

15.  The Used Books bookstore is far superior to any New Books bookstore.  And I still, yes STILL, refuse to read a book on a Nook, a Kindle, or an iPad.  My iPad is great for Scrabble though!