Clear-ish Blue Skies

The good news is that the eye doc sent me to get super-magnifying glasses so I can read again — not perfectly clear, but good enough.  The bad news is that the cataract surgeon can’t see me until mid-February.  Sigh.  I can’t drive at night, and traveling should be interesting since I can’t read a road sign to save my life, but — on with it.  I can read!

I was ecstatic to get back to Cleopatra’s Daughter last night, being as I’m totally addicted to all of the palace intrigue, but I’m also learning quite a bit along the way about Roman life in the times of Octavian Caesar.  I also still have Lord of Misrule laying here on the table next to me, and I’m aching to get to it.  I cheated and read the first few pages.  The writing falls in the “gorgeous” category, along with an unmistakably original (and poetic) voice.  I might have to read these two books at the same time.

Does anyone have any great recommendations from your holiday reading list?

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