14 Is So, So Lame

Facebook — that fantastical instrument for the insightful deep thinker — has a new app called the Book List Challenge.  (hey, I use FB so I can poke fun…)  I checked it out and, not caring much for their list, I searched the web for another source.

I consider myself well-read, but I also know there are thousands of books out there just begging to be read.  And savored.  Great writers are my rock stars.  Book stores are my comfort food.  So when I checked out TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Novels of All Time, I was surprised to see that I’ve only read 14 and, to be honest, didn’t even finish them all.  Worse yet — of those 14 — I only loved 5.  FIVE!

P.S. The 5 books I loved — and have enjoyed more than once — are:  BELOVED, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD (Yates’s short story collection is also brilliant), SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE, THE SOUND AND THE FURY, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.

Addendum: I handed the list to Rex and said, “How many of these have you read?”  To which he replied, “Is this a competition?”  Ahhh, he knows me scary-well.  Of course he’s read almost 50 of them, so that doesn’t seem like any kind of contest to me.  He just wins.


6 thoughts on “14 Is So, So Lame

  1. glasseye

    I hate the idea of required reading. I like suggestions, it’s true, but if reading is about personal enrichment and a good story, well told, then I really prefer to make my own choices about what that means for me. A personal recommendation from a friend with similar tastes (I’m looking at you, Teri) carries more weight for me than a list of books I ‘should’ read.

    1. Teri Post author

      These lists make me crazy. I always wonder who makes the decisions and why anybody cares? There are so many great books/stories out there.

  2. Downith

    Beloved and To Kill A Mockingbird are two well thumbed books of mine. And you know I loved reading Revolutionary Road over Christmas.

    Just checked the list – 17 for me (I’m probably older than you!) but alot of them were required reading in various English/writing courses over the years, and like you I’d din’t necessarily enjoy all of them. There are a few on the list that I want to read, many that I have never heard of and some that I have absolutely no interest in trying.

    I’d rather get recommendations from friends, too.

  3. MacDougal Street Baby

    I never rely on a bestseller list. It seems so artificial, as though I’m being told how to feed my desires. I like to listen to talk radio, which almost always offers book suggestions. Often times the authors, themselves, are being interviewed so I can get a feel as to whether I will like something. I like to look what’s on my friends’ bookshelves, too. And then, of course, there’s our magnificent library. I’m there almost every day taking something out for one of us. I’m also of the belief that books fall into your hands at just the right moment. It’s one of the beautiful ways The Universe works.

  4. Teri Post author

    Man, you guys are smart. There’s something about these arbitrary lists that makes me feel bad — like back in school when you hadn’t finished your assignment and tried to fake your way through. But then the teacher called you out in front of everyone.

    I’m starting to believe everything stems from about the 4th grade. Ha!

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