Facebook — that fantastical instrument for the insightful deep thinker — has a new app called the Book List Challenge.  (hey, I use FB so I can poke fun…)  I checked it out and, not caring much for their list, I searched the web for another source.

I consider myself well-read, but I also know there are thousands of books out there just begging to be read.  And savored.  Great writers are my rock stars.  Book stores are my comfort food.  So when I checked out TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Novels of All Time, I was surprised to see that I’ve only read 14 and, to be honest, didn’t even finish them all.  Worse yet — of those 14 — I only loved 5.  FIVE!

P.S. The 5 books I loved — and have enjoyed more than once — are:  BELOVED, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD (Yates’s short story collection is also brilliant), SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE, THE SOUND AND THE FURY, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.

Addendum: I handed the list to Rex and said, “How many of these have you read?”  To which he replied, “Is this a competition?”  Ahhh, he knows me scary-well.  Of course he’s read almost 50 of them, so that doesn’t seem like any kind of contest to me.  He just wins.