Birthday Book

I was reading one of my favorite writing blogs this afternoon — Tayari Jones — and found something fun.  What was the #1 NYT bestseller on the day you were born?  Find out here.

The Source was #1 on my birthday.  I have never heard of this book, but now I think I’ll have to read it.

Of course I couldn’t stop there.  Rex’s book was The Caine Mutiny, which I read about 10 years ago during my Herman Wouk phase.  For my mother’s birthday I found Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor.  Grandma’s book was The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and I can promise you that my tough and sassy Grandma — for a number of reasons — would have appreciated that.


9 thoughts on “Birthday Book

  1. amyg

    THIS is sooooooo much better than the “what famous person shares your birthday”!!!

    and thanks for the link to tayari jones’s blog. i have leaving atlanta on my bookshelf. I went to see her for an author appearance at the Louisville Free Public Library during her book tour for Leaving Atlanta, but that was awhile ago. very cool to be “re” introduced to her again.

  2. Downith

    Okay, here’s something. For me, number 1 was The Godfather, which I can’t see myself ever reading but number 2 was The House on the Strand by Daphne duMaurier which a neighbour loaned me last year. It sat on my bedside table for ages – I just didn’t like the cover (Hi, I’m Downith and I’m shallow). So I gave it back, although it did give me a topic to post about. It all comes back to the blog, doesn’t it? Anyway, I think I might give it a go now.

    And Tayari Jones website looks great – will bookmark it for later.

  3. Teri Post author

    A – I’m looking forward to Tayari’s new book SILVER SPARROW which comes out in April. She always has the best links to writerly things that I’d never find on my own.

    D – I love THE GODFATHER in an unearthly way. The book is certainly not great literature, but it’s good. The movies (I and II) are pure art.

  4. Downith

    Teri, I’m with you on the movies – LOVED them, saw them more than once. But I just don’t see myself ever reading the book. So many other books out there.

  5. Teri Post author

    I guess we shouldn’t even talk about words “best seller.” It’s the shelf I avoid at the bookstore, and my eyes glaze over when someone suggests I read one. Yet, I would like to write a book that sells best. None of this makes any damned sense.

  6. lisahgolden

    We must have been born very close together. I got The Source by Michener as well. I don’t see myself reading it. I don’t like the cover very much. (Hi, Downwith. Birds of a feather!) If you do read it, please let me know how it is. Even when I make up my mind, it doesn’t always stay made up.

  7. Les Brady

    How cool! My NYT book was The Spy Who Came In From The Cold by John le Carre. Never read him, but I guess now I have reason.

    Oh, and a recommendation on The Godfather: if you love the movies, you *have* to read the novel! Believe me, it won’t take long, and it’s great good fun =).

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