I’m O negative.  I give blood because I’m an easy stick and I bleed my pint in 5 minutes, tops.  Nothing to it.

This happens in a big bus.  After the bleeding, they make you sit in a small space with other recently-bled humans for 14 minutes, drinking juice, eating ice cream and cookies, to make sure you don’t faint.  I read my book.  Not a bad gig, right?  Unless you get stuck next to Mr. Big Shot trying to bed the nurse.

“I lost a million dollar deal giving blood today.”

“Wow.  What do you do?”

“I’m in real estate.  You know, the ‘real’ kind of real estate.”

“A million dollars.  What happened?”

“I took 45 minutes to be a hero.  And look what it got me.”

“So time is money, huh?”

“My time is money, yes.”  (he says ‘time’ like we don’t know what that is)

“But you saved 3 lives.”


“That’s what they say, one donation saves 3 lives.  Or something like that.”

“Hey, here’s my card…”

Only 13 minutes left!

What was the last conversation you overheard, on purpose or because you were stuck?