It’s back to work this week, and I’m thinking about the dozens of drafts a story goes through before it becomes what it’s supposed to be.  I often hear writers complain about the revision process.  I don’t get it.  For me first drafts, in fact all of the early drafts, are a huge drag.  It’s in revision, and often deep into revision, where the magic finally happens.

A piece about putting my dog to sleep is really about my fear of moving.  An essay about a group of Army Colonels turns into a story about my own misguided preconceptions of the Republican Right and the Liberal Left.  A story about women’s amateur golf tournaments ends up being about sexual discrimination in the workplace.  The list goes on.

One Year Ago Today - Walking through Melbourne, Australia

As for other sorts of magic, this time last year we were 2 weeks in Australia.  We started in Sydney, then rented a car and spent a few days driving down the coast road to Melbourne for the start of the Australian Open Tennis Tournament.  I took this photo on my first walk from the hotel to Melbourne Park and, well, don’t these folks look like they believe in magic?