The Bleary Eyed

When I said I was getting back to work, I wasn’t bullshitting.  It’s now 4:21 pm on Tuesday and I think I’ve put in a solid 20 hours of work in the last 24.  No joke.  So I’ve gone a bit blog-quiet and bleary-eyed.  I’m on one of those crazy rolls of revising and rewriting and rethinking.  It’s fun — fun, in an OCD kind of way.

Now I need a break.  I’m pretty much numb from the hips down because, God forbid, I’d sit up straight, feet on the floor, in a proper chair.  I can pound out early drafts at a real desk, but I need the feet up for serious polishing.  I’m helped this week (and next) with having the Australian Open on TV all day and night — by watching a few good tennis points here and there, my tired brain tricks itself back into gear.  Go figure.

There.  That’s my break.  Back to work.

2 thoughts on “The Bleary Eyed

  1. glasseye

    I hear you sister. I’m on a jag myself. It’s great to see the ideas begin to coalesce, but is it ever murder on the back. I carry my laptop through the house in a neverending search for someplace comfortable to sit.

    That picture is no help to my productivity. Drool is so bad for a keyboard …

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