Now that I’m well enough into Lauren Hillenbrand’s latest book, I feel like I can — and should — recommend it to everyone I know.  There’s an excellent article here about how the book came to be.  Hillenbrand has that rare gift of stitching together a well-researched history lesson with one fascinating character and then writing a story that clips along so fast it’s hard to put down.  I remember feeling this way when I read SEABUSCUIT.

When I read nonfiction books like this, I always wonder if I’d have the patience to do such exhaustive research.  How does she keep all the facts straight, and then tell the story so smoothly, as if she’s just sat down with you on the porch swing?  From a writerly perspective, I’m more than a bit awestruck.

I’ve been reading UNBROKEN at night, but that’s not going to cut it.  I’m dying to know what’s going to happen next.  So in order to keep up I’m going to have to squeeze in some daytime reading — harder to do when I’m in the writing frenzy that’s hit this week.

I have just one nitpick:  I hate the title.  With a main character named Zamperini, how could the title be this bland?