I was watching the first season of Mad Men recently, and there was a scene where the 1950’s housewives were sitting in the kitchen, gossiping about how they’ve seen the new neighbor — a divorcee! — out walking everyday.  “But where is she going?!?!” one said, as they all shrugged and tilted their pretty heads, perplexed.

Walking is when I get my best thinking done — this is my walking view, in January, so there’s that.  And I’m thankful I have 2 rambunctious dogs who need to go on their daily neighborhood squirrel patrol to keep me with the routine.

Today it was sunny, breezy, and 73.  In January.  So I took two walks.  I’ve been struggling to come up with a certain chapter’s title for months when, voila … this afternoon it printed itself out like typeface on my brain while I was out walking.  The chapter title and other random, but perfectly wonderful, sentences started popping through my head, so much so that I had to turn around and get home and write them all down.