I just received an e-mail telling me this paperback is finally on its way to my mailbox.  I’m excited!  WENCH is the first book I’ve been looking forward to reading in this New Year.  Here’s a little teaser from the front flap:

Tawawa House in many respects is like any other American resort before the Civil War. Situated in Ohio, this idyllic retreat is particularly nice in the summer when the Southern humidity is too much to bear. Lizzie, Reenie, and Sweet are regulars at Tawawa House. They have become friends over the years as they reunite and share developments in their own lives and on their respective plantations. They don’t bother too much with questions of freedom, though the resort is situated in free territory-but when truth-telling Mawu comes to the resort and starts talking of running away, things change.

Check out this article about the writing of the book which gets into how the story — and especially its main character — evolved from the first draft to the last.

3 thoughts on “Wench

  1. glasseye

    You are so bad for me. You KNOW I had to follow that fascinating link and you KNOW I have to get my hands on this book after reading it. If I never write again, it will be all your fault for keeping me reading.

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