Killing Floor, killed off

I think it was over at Janet Reid’s blog that I first learned about Jack Reacher.  Soon after I saw an interview with author Lee Child on 60 Minutes about his Jack Reacher series of thrillers.  I got curious, figured it was a sign — who was this Reacher?

I’m not big on thrillers.  I read a lot of them when I was in my 20’s and I think I just got burned out on the formula.  Special Forces, uber handsome type finds himself in a bind with some bad guys doing bad things.  He saves the day.  The end.  An oversimplification to be sure.  But I have to say, “Lee Child, you’ve brought me back.” My first Jack Reacher story — KILLING FLOOR — was all that formula stuff, but with enough nuance and smarts and surprise.  So while I won’t be reading one after the other in this series, I’ll look forward to coming back for more when I need a break from my literary loves.

This means I’m now down to 11 of the 12 books I’m reading at once.  I’ll be seeing Abraham Verghese speak in 2 weeks and his CUTTING FOR STONE is a walloping 650 pages, so that has to take priority.  I’ve heard that this book was cut down from 17,000 pages, that it’s completely driven by voice, and that no outline was made to guide him through writing it — and that the author has said he’ll never, never do that again.  Can’t wait to hear what he has to say in person.


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  1. Downith

    I love when those signs point us in the direction of particular books. Bet you’re still on a high after the AWP. Good to be back home?

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