Caution: Dogs Underfoot

As much as I adore Amy Hempel’s work, that story she read Saturday night was, well, disturbing.  So now.  Back to real life.  Back to my constant reading and writing companions, the always entertaining and underfoot, Lea Magoo and Lucy Lou.

Can you really settle in with a good, long book without a dog (or dogs) at your feet?

I prefer this view at the beach.  Because even a 3-legged dog can run fast, very, very fast.



4 thoughts on “Caution: Dogs Underfoot

    1. Teri

      The view is on the Northern California coast — Sonoma County. It’s so spectacular that it often doesn’t even look real.

      And thanks for Carole’s link. I was telling that story to my husband last night — one degree of separation for sure. 😉

  1. Deb

    I’ve never been there but think I have to put it on my list. It looks absolutely beautiful. Nature rejuvenates me and I can only imagine writing in an atmosphere like that.

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