Views Cluttered With Obstacles


My son sent me this clip.  The guy is talking about nurturing entrepreneurs, but so much of what he says hits on the writer’s life.  I wanted to jump up and down when I heard him say, “You have to nurture what’s in your gut.”

Why is it so against the grain to teach our kids — and ourselves — that?



5 thoughts on “Views Cluttered With Obstacles

  1. MacDougal Street Baby

    This is great. I love what he says about giving kids allowances. Also, I think there is so much truth in the idea of teaching negotiation. Malcolm Gladwell talks about this in Outliers. I used to expect my children to accept my, “no” the first time round. Now I wait for them to come up with a solid argument why I should say, “yes.”

  2. erikamarks

    Oh man, I think about this daily. No, HOURLY, for my kids. I watch their free play, the effortless exploration of their imaginations, unfettered by “the grain” and I want to find a way to preserve that instinct forever for them.

  3. amyg

    i haven’t even watched this yet and am already excited. thanks for posting. i will apply it to my writing life and my (new) business life.

    i thought of you last night when we drifted through my favorite bookstore and saw a new one: Joyce Carol Oates, The Widow’s Story, A Memoir. I’m trying my damnedest not to give in to my book-buying, but this one’s making it hard.

    cool new site (look at you changin’ up background colors!)

    1. Teri Post author

      LOL AmyG. I’m getting all fancy, feeling very British-Royal-Wedding-Blue. Of course it took me about 5 hours to figure out how to convert everything. A techie, I am not.

      Joyce Carol freaks me out. She churns out more work that 10 writers. Crazy, I tell you!

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