Click ‘Em Three Times

Yesterday and today have been made up of mini mental freezes.  I sit down and I look at my computer screen and all the pages and chapters of my book bleed together into one big blob.  I even got up at 4:30 this morning and still … nothing.  The whole document looks foreign.  I scroll through the pages and think,”Who wrote this?”

Does this ever happen to you?

Normally I would suck it up and sit there.  And sit there.  Instead I yanked a clean piece of paper out of my printer and made a to-do list:  Pay Bills, Mascara and Makeup Remover, Black Heels, Rug Out-of-Business Sale, Change Bike Seat, Call Aunt Mary and Aunt Jody, Follow-up with Rob about Phoenix, Replace Living Room Plant, Soy Milk, Post Office, Dog Food.

I’m going to a lunch tomorrow to hear Abraham Verghese talk about writing CUTTING FOR STONE — which I still have not finished — and I’m counting on him for inspiration.  In the meantime, I’ve checked most of the stuff off of my list.

See the new black heels above.  I’m wearing them to the Verghese lunch.  Cute, huh?


13 thoughts on “Click ‘Em Three Times

  1. Name (required)

    very cute.

    buckles make me want to pull out my debit card.

    i can’t move forward without a list. usually, i have three or four floating around me at all times:
    -stuff to buy on a random, used open envelope that some bill came in
    -work items on my pale green lined steno pad with the wire ring across the top. (also, on this list, each item is listed with a box–that i draw–beside it so that i can check it off.)
    -a plain piece of paper on the kitchen counter for random to-dos (dr’s appt., target items, phone calls to make, etc.)
    and then there’s the notepad i keep in my purse when something comes to mind and i need to write it down to keep it for later review. this isn’t so much a list as a collection of stray thoughts that rarely make their way out of my notepad.

    it’s a sickness.

  2. Teri Post author

    Thanks you two. The list keeping is a sickness, but it sure beats the hell out of so many others! I obviously just need MORE lists.

  3. Lyra

    When I get the “who wrote this” syndrome, I stop and read something on my TBR list. No matter how okay you may feel about getting some rejections, maybe it’s back there way in the back of your mind, and doubt kills creatively.
    Now on to important matters, love the shoes. Shoes don’t care if you’ve put on weight, or your mind is mush. For that reason, I just got a pair in the mail yesterday as well. If nothing else you can say, “Good God I have sexy feet!”

  4. lisahgolden

    Sometimes I do exactly what you did. Something else. Anything else. Unfortunately, that’s been the rule rather than the exception for too long.

    I have shoe envy. Those are fantastic.

  5. Teri Post author

    Good God I have sexy feet! Thanks, Lyra, that kind ‘o thinking will last all weekend. And yes Glasseye, they have kitten heels. Meow!

    See how now I don’t even care that my m/s looks like gobbledy goop? It’s the shoes.

  6. Deb

    I have shoe envy not only because I love the shoes but because you can wear them. The ice and snow around here just aren’t in keeping with open toes.

    And yes, to the who wrote this – usually a who wrote this crap? I had a really bad episode last week. It was such a downer because it was part of the book I thought I had nailed. It was a little better after a few hours but I’m still wallowing in slush.

  7. downith

    Errand running is a good way to get out of your funk and you never know what you’ll find – like cute shoes.

    Hope you get your mojo back after the lunch.

  8. MacDougal Street Baby

    When I get into those funks, I close up whatever it is I’m working on, put on my shoes (admittedly not as swanky as yours) and get out into the world. Just being outside helps me get outside of myself. Then, when I come back to my work, I can see it more clearly. Even if it stinks.

    Looking forward to hearing about the lunch. I still haven’t gotten past the prologue.

  9. Teri Post author

    I swear I’m about 10 minutes away from cleaning out the closet, the junk drawer, AND the garage.

    And MSB, I’ve read 44 pages. We’ll see if I want to keep going after I see him today… Meanwhile, cute shoes.

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