The Good Daughter – by Jazmin Darznik

I first heard Jazmin speak about her memoir last year, when it was still a work in progress.  We were in the Steinbeck Center where she’s been residing as a visiting creative writing fellow, and there were several fellows reading that night, giving us a taste of an introduction to them and to their work.  Jazmin is the person I remembered best — both for how beautifully she read the introduction to this book and for the incredible story behind the story.

Briefly, this is how it begins:  After Jazmin’s father dies, she comes across a photo of her mother — and she soon learns that her mother had a secret early life:  first married at age 13 in Iran, gave birth at 14, and divorced at 15 (having to give up her baby).

I remember thinking, This is book I can’t wait to read. A brief description of it can be found here.

If you have an hour, I’d suggest listening to Jazmin’s interview with Diane Rehm on NPR.

I’m always looking for well-written stories that open wider windows into a world I know little about.  I’ve not read much about Iran, and most of what I know I’ve learned in the news.

I’m hoping to attend Jazmin’s reading next week in the Steinbeck Center — yes, AGAIN now that the book is come out! — and I’ll be buying the book then.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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  1. Laura

    Do keep us updated. My friend just read this book and recommended it. I think I’m currently in line to borrow it from her (and inevitably add it to my huge stack of to-read books).

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