My book club has chosen Colum McCann’s LET THE GREAT WORLD SPIN for our March pick.  I’m thrilled  This novel has been on my shelf for months and months, and now I need to get it read in the next 2 weeks.

Here are just a few of the reviews which are posted on Mr. McCann’s website:

“The first great 9/11 novel” –Esquire Magazine

“One of the most electric, profound novels…in years. “Let the Great World Spin” is an emotional tour de force. It is a heartbreaking book, but not a depressing one. [It] can feel like a precursor to another novel of colliding cultures: “The Bonfire of the Vanities”. –NY Times Book Review [NY Times Book Review Podcast is here]’s 2009 Book of the Year : Colum McCann has worked some exquisite magic with Let the Great World Spin, conjuring a novel of electromagnetic force that defies gravity. The final pages hum with such grace that its memory might tighten your throat weeks later.” –Mari Malcolm (

“…an act of pure bravado.” –

“McCann makes his prose dance across the surface of this ingeniously constructed novel. He is a fearless writer, experimenting with narrative styles, leaping from one story to the next.” — The Telegraph (UK)

So I should love this book, right?  I should be devouring it.  Yet, I’ve tried to start it twice — twice — and can’t get past page 30.  Page 30 is my wall.  What is it about this book that’s putting me off?

By all accounts, this novel is Brilliant! Heartbreaking! Profound! Genius! What the hell is wrong with me?

**   Have you ever felt intimidated by how scary-good the reviews are?  **


P.S.  I missed the Jazmin Darznik reading last night.  Real life intervened.  Her book remains on my to-read list though.