Your Sliver of Sunshine

Some days, 3-legged Lucy has the best plan for making the most of it.  I can take a hint.  Carter Library is closing for a few days.  Here’s hoping you find your sliver of sunshine ….

10 thoughts on “Your Sliver of Sunshine

  1. lisahgolden

    I just came in from hanging clothes on the line. It’s beautiful here after storms that sent us to the basement last night.

    Enjoy your break and the sun.

    1. Teri Post author

      I should clarify — I’m getting a little outdoors, but I’m also going to hide in the back of the library where there is no WiFi, and away from the pile of paperwork on my desk, ringing phone, email, etc…. 😉

  2. Deb

    Sometimes you just have to do it. I’m so jealous of the nice looking weather I’d probably have to hold it against you anyway. Happy sunshine and productive time!

  3. Teri Post author

    Part of my sunshine today was spending time with high school kids and encouraging them in their creative writing. They inspired me!

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