Marching Orders

What I’m Supposed To Be Reading: Our Book Club’s pick for April is Wally Lamb’s THE HOUR I FIRST BELIEVED.  I bought the paperback.  It’s sitting right here, right on the table, right on top of the stack.  But it’s on hold.

Because What I’m Actually Reading Is: Andre Dubus III’s memoir, TOWNIE.  All about fighting and growing up tough in the shadow of his famous writer father, Andre Dubus.  So far I feel like Andre is my long lost brother, living a parallel life on the East Coast, that’s how much I can relate.  Well, except when he talks about the Kurt Vonnegut family living next door in Iowa.  How cool would that be?!  Anyway, TOWNIE it is.  I’m loving it.

And What I’m Hoping to Read Next: A classic, a delicious one.  It’s time for something old and hefty to shove its way through the turn-style.  I’m thinking Gustave Flaubert’s MADAME BOVARY.  It’s one of those books I can’t believe I’ve never read.  What do you think?  Too ambitious???  This sounded so good in my head, but now that I’m seeing all these books on one page, it’s kinda freaking me out.


8 thoughts on “Marching Orders

  1. josephinecarr

    When I was about forty years old, I, too, realized that I hadn’t read MADAME BOVARY. So….I listened to it as an audiobook. Can’t even begin to find adequate words to tell you how delicious and magnificent the experience was.

    Listen to it.

    1. Teri Post author

      Do you remember which version, or who the reader was? There are so many! (I know this is asking a lot, as I can’t remember a thing these perimenopausal days!)

      1. josephinecarr


        It so happens that I do remember because part of the reason it was so good had to do with the narrator. She’s one of my absolute favorites, truly astounding: DAVINA PORTER with the Recorded Books version.

        You could practically listen to any book she narrates and be a happy camper, indeed.


      2. Teri Post author

        Now Jody, this makes me so happy because I adore Davina Porter. I first listened to her read OUTLANDER and she was fantastic. Davina and C.J. Critt are my 2 favorite narrators for audiobooks.

        Thanks! Now I’m excited to hear her read MADAME BOVARY.

  2. lisahgolden

    Townie. I’m taking notes.
    Madame Bovary. Oh, such a loaded book for me. I read it in French while getting my degree. I read it in English because not being able to dissect every word in French made me nuts. A couple of years ago, I had an Emma Bovary moment and said so to MathMan. It was my lowest point ever and I managed to make him laugh. Oh, dear, dear Emma.

    I’ve also seen the movie a couple of times.

    What was the question?

  3. MacDougal Street Baby

    What you are “supposed” to read vs. what you “want” to read. I know this dilemma well. I’m getting pulled between the Iditarod, blood sucking ghosts, and finding one’s true passion. There’s definitely some kind of quest going on around these parts.

    Never read Madame Bovary. I may have tried, once, but even that I don’t remember.

  4. erikamarks

    I am so intrigued by TOWNIE, having grown up near those mill towns, and of course, having read so much about the book lately.

    I’ll be anxious to hear your continued thoughts on it.

  5. amyg

    i’ve got townie now added to my list. have you seen Sempre Susan: A memoir of susan sontag by sigrid nunez? i picked it up today but put it back down because i’m supposed to be on a book budget.

    i read madame bovary in college and need to read it again. i was reading a business book last night and it got mentioned in it even. if it comes again that will be the third and final sign necessary to force me to face it.

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