I’m well into the latest translation of MADAME BOVARY by Lydia Davis, and I couldn’t be happier.

Josephine Carr suggested the other day that I listen to it on audio — as it’s read by Davina Porter, and my god Davina is one of the best — but Davina’s version is not available for download and the local library copy is checked out.  So I’m waiting for the audio, and reading instead.

You know what’s so great about the story so far?  How much Flaubert trusts his reader to be smart and able to follow the complexities.  I thank him for that.  Here is my favorite paragraph so far:

Before her marriage, she had believed that what she was experiencing was love; but since the happiness that should have resulted from that love had not come, she thought she must have been mistaken.  And Emma tried to find out just what was meant, in life, by the words “bliss,” “passion,” and “intoxication,” which had seemed so beautiful to her in books. (p. 30)

Which had seemed so beautiful to her in books.  Any thoughts?