Toomed by Techno-Scrabble

I’ve taken to playing Scrabble against the computer and — being the ridiculously competitive person I am — will only play the “hard” level.  This means I lose almost every game, though I’m sure to learn about 10 new words in every sitting.  Here are a few from last night:

toom:  empty, vacant; to empty or drain the contents (of a vessel)

gonof:  a disreputable or dishonest person (also gonif, goniff, ganef)

aliya:  the honor of being called upon to read from the Torah

terret:  each of the loops of rings on a driving harness pad for the reins to pass through

codeia:  a sleep-inducing drug derived from morphine

alkoxy:  of or containing a univalent organic radical consisting of an alkyl group attached to oxygen

anopia:  the absence of sight

yupon:  a holly shrub or small tree with bitter leaves, found in the southern U.S., sometimes used to make tea (also yaupon, yapon)

I fear all technology, certain it’s soon to drain our brains.  But maybe, just maybe, if I can use at least 3 of these words together — in one sentence — I can stave off the techno-beast.

Is your technology making you smarter?

17 thoughts on “Toomed by Techno-Scrabble

  1. Downith

    My big technological leap today was sending the PDF of The Key to my Kindle. But I’m damned if I can use any of those words in this follow-up sentence.

  2. lisahgolden

    My technology is making me smarter, but I still insist on doing the Luddite thing. The last time I saw a great list of adjectives, I printed it off and taped it to the wall next to my desk.

    1. Teri Post author

      I have a love/hate relationship with tech. But I swear if I hear another person this week say, “There’s an app for that!” I might have to strangle them.

  3. Laura

    You are apparently using technology for good by learning new words. I, meanwhile, tend to watch really, really stupid TV shows online, play spider solitaire, and visit chat rooms where people confuse words like “loose” and “lose” so often that even I start to not know the difference anymore.

    In conclusion: Getting dumber, day by day.

    1. amyg

      first, i’m afraid to start playing scrabble (or boggle or any make-a-word-game-online because i’m not totally sure i will be able to quit. at all. like even to go to the bathroom.)

      second, MSB, your comment reminded me of my favorite zoo story which is now why the zoo is a daddy and kid thing when mommy needs to stay home to get things done. i’ve never been a fan of the zoo, but last time we went we were near the zebras, but the zebras weren’t very clean (or just not sparkling white with cool black stripes like my fake zebra-skin belt) and there was a sign on the fence that said “ZOOKEYS”

      so anyway, I said, “Huh, look at those things–I’ve never heard of a zookey before,” thinking that maybe a zookey was some cousin of the zebra.

      nope, a zookey was a special interactive thing at the zoo that some patrons have a key to unlock and it tells a story about whatever animal they’re looking at. the sign was simply to let people know that their Zoo-Key could be use to hear about the (dirty) zebras.

      some mornings when we wake up before the kids are awake and there is a nice quiet fog across the farm behind us and the deers are running through, my husband goes completely serious and pulls me out on our deck and says, “do you see them? way over there? see it?”

      “What is it?” i ask

      “Look, it’s a zookey.”

      i fall for his BS everytime.

  4. erikamarks

    How did I not know that were ways to play Scrabble on the computer? I guess that answers your question.

    Now excuse me while I see if there are versions of computer cribbage too…

  5. Oma

    I tried to play Banagrams with two of my daughters at Christmas, my brain was toom, I felt like someone had slipped me a codeia, and I sat there like a dead yupon. One of them yelled “Split” and then they both started to yell “Peel” and I have never felt so stupid in my entire life. We have always played Scrabble so I thought I could play. Wrong. We ended up playing Roll Out, a game played with dice. I guess I’ll try Banagrams online. I have a friend who is addicted to Scrabble online. But she told me she cheats. She is such a gonof.

    1. Teri Post author

      OMG, are you Amy’s Oma??!! And of course you’re AWESOME and you Win — smart, smart woman.

      Not to mention that you used a true story to use these crazy words, which makes it all the more impressive. I’m going to set down my coffee and give you the applause you deserve. Well done, well done.

  6. Oma

    Yes, I am Amy’s Oma. And thank you very much. I love words. I used to buy those calenders that had a new word everyday. I think I’ll buy myself one of those this weekend.

  7. Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

    I haven’t written a word in my new novel this week, haven’t submitted a single query, and am almost two weeks behind in catching up on my favorite blogs.

    And you have the nerve to introduce me to online Scrabble?!?

    Jesus. This doesn’t bode well.

    1. sandrakirchmancopywriting

      OMG I so relate to what you’re saying. I actually spewed my drink on the monitor. You tell ‘er lol.

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