I’ve taken to playing Scrabble against the computer and — being the ridiculously competitive person I am — will only play the “hard” level.  This means I lose almost every game, though I’m sure to learn about 10 new words in every sitting.  Here are a few from last night:

toom:  empty, vacant; to empty or drain the contents (of a vessel)

gonof:  a disreputable or dishonest person (also gonif, goniff, ganef)

aliya:  the honor of being called upon to read from the Torah

terret:  each of the loops of rings on a driving harness pad for the reins to pass through

codeia:  a sleep-inducing drug derived from morphine

alkoxy:  of or containing a univalent organic radical consisting of an alkyl group attached to oxygen

anopia:  the absence of sight

yupon:  a holly shrub or small tree with bitter leaves, found in the southern U.S., sometimes used to make tea (also yaupon, yapon)

I fear all technology, certain it’s soon to drain our brains.  But maybe, just maybe, if I can use at least 3 of these words together — in one sentence — I can stave off the techno-beast.

Is your technology making you smarter?