Signs of Spring

After our torrential rains, it seems that Spring sunshine has officially found its way here.  75, sunny, breezy.  Wind rustling our too-tall birch trees.

I was outside all morning and had to wear — are you sitting down? — sunscreen.  Over lunch time, I sat on our brick front stoop and read the first chapter of Tom Grimes’s memoir, MENTOR, which I am for sure going to love.  That whole Inside-The-Iowa-Writers-Workshop thing by someone who never imagined he’d get in there, beautifully written.

Ideas came.  I re-read 2 middle chapters of my manuscript and did much red-lining and rearranging.  Along the way, I sipped on an IBC cream soda (I don’t drink soda).

Three-legged Lucy didn’t even bark at the mail lady today, as she was too busy lounging on the fake grass we “planted” in the side yard.  Even plastic grass feels good when it’s warm and dry.

17 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Jess

    Where the hell ARE you? New Hampshire is expecting 6-12 inches of snow on Friday. My lovely husband and I were planning to get out of Dodge that day and are now leaving Thursday PM in advance of the storm… but the daffodils are still trying to bloom outside the mudroom door.

    1. Teri Post author

      LOL Jess. Northern California, what my Aunt Mary from Missouri calls “Fantasy Land.” I believe she has a point. Though these last weeks have been all downpours, floods, and mudslides, so I’m still happy to see the sun.

    2. Deb

      Just south of you, Jess. It’s white outside. Ugh!

      Teri, I have terrible spring envy. Can’t wait to be reading on the deck. Love those first sunny days. Tried to be defiant and read out in the sunroom but it ended thawing toes under a blanket in the family room. Beautiful photo.

  2. Sandra Bell Kirchman

    Lucky you, Teri. I’m in Saskatchewan and finally, finally, the snow is beginning to melt (despite the fact that we had near-blizzard conditions yesterday. But the mercury hit almost 50F today, and that was bliss. First time in months and months that I didn’t have to wear gloves. Now THAT’s Spring!

    1. Downith

      Saskatchewan ! A fellow Canuck – although I must confess I have missed out Sask – I’ve been to every province except Sask and PEI – I’m sensing a bucket list coming on.

  3. Jess

    We hope to hit No. Cal in the fall. I have a professional development mtg in SF and my husband is tagging along for the ride. He wants to be in SF for good (his medical specialty is HIV and UCSF is THE PLACE for that). I, however, am a New England gal, winter and all.

    1. Teri Post author

      I don’t know, Jess. Never say never. I never thought I’d live out here …. now my poor husband will need a crowbar and chisel if he wants to get me out.

  4. josephinecarr

    Man, I’m with Jess! I’m about to murder you! Dreadful weather here on the eastern shore of Maryland: dreary, wet, COLD.

    On the other hand, you captured Spring so well. Made me hungry!

    1. Teri Post author

      Jody, I figure this will pass in a blink so I need to soak it up. Cold rains will be here again soon…

  5. MacDougal Street Baby

    We heard today that snow is expected on Friday. My 8 yr old said, “Maybe it’s just an April Fool’s joke.” Let’s hope the child is right ’cause I don’t think it’s possible for my skin to crack any more than it already has. I’ve been wearing dish gloves just to brush my teeth.

  6. lizisilver

    Teri, your posts always seem to make me want to drop whatever it is I’m doing and run out and buy whatever reading material you’re recommending. I just ordered a couple of books from amazon, but Mentor has just been added to the top of the queue.
    Especially since lately I’ve been dreaming of the kind of writing that happens in Iowa… I’d gladly give up California weather for a few years there.

    1. Teri Post author

      Lizi, when we get into Iowa, let’s road trip there and rent a cute little house with a creaky front porch swing….

      1. lizisilver

        Darlin, you’ve got a deal. If I remember correctly, didn’t Averil once mention something about a shared house and lots of blackberry jam?

  7. Becky

    Our signs of spring? Hanging up the swings and a desperate wish for warm sunshine. I’m envious of flowers. Any flowers. 😉

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