After our torrential rains, it seems that Spring sunshine has officially found its way here.  75, sunny, breezy.  Wind rustling our too-tall birch trees.

I was outside all morning and had to wear — are you sitting down? — sunscreen.  Over lunch time, I sat on our brick front stoop and read the first chapter of Tom Grimes’s memoir, MENTOR, which I am for sure going to love.  That whole Inside-The-Iowa-Writers-Workshop thing by someone who never imagined he’d get in there, beautifully written.

Ideas came.  I re-read 2 middle chapters of my manuscript and did much red-lining and rearranging.  Along the way, I sipped on an IBC cream soda (I don’t drink soda).

Three-legged Lucy didn’t even bark at the mail lady today, as she was too busy lounging on the fake grass we “planted” in the side yard.  Even plastic grass feels good when it’s warm and dry.