A Green Jacket for Ernie

This week kicks off The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia.  Last year this time, ALL talk was about Tiger Woods — how would he play after the scandal, would the media be aggressive or back off, how would he handle the media, what would all those old rich Southerner men who run Augusta National say in public, how would the fans treat him on the course, would he be welcomed or booed?  The list of B.S. went on and on and on.

A year later, who cares.

There’s some minor chatter about Tiger — when will he win another major? — but my favorite story of this week is the support and good wishes for Ernie Els, who has never won the famous Green Jacket but certainly deserves it for his work on and off the course.  Ernie’s son, Ben, was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  But instead of using his money and fame to hide (like Tiger) Ernie and his wife, Liezl, opened their lives to the public and have raised, to date, $9M for autism research.  “He’s such a pure kid,” Els said. “He doesn’t have the normal problems as other kids. He doesn’t know anything else. He just knows his own little world … I almost feel like we’re blessed to have Ben because he’s such a pure, honest, no-B.S. kid.”

Check out this great story at ESPN.

So let’s all cheer for Ernie this week.  I hope the media spends some time with him and on this story.  It beats the heck out of all the Tiger nonsense and distraction from last year.

And besides, these 2 guys aren’t even in the same league.


3 thoughts on “A Green Jacket for Ernie

  1. Lyra

    To all of the players who get it that there is so much more to life than them.
    And to all of the people who take a moment to shine a light on them, instead of the crap.

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