Angels, Invisible in Their Gossamer Dresses

After this strange week, this is the passage that rose up from the depths and grabbed me.

Chapter 1, Page 1, Opening Lines:

“What it begins with, I know finally, is the kernel of meanness in people’s hearts.  I don’t know exactly how or why it gets inside us; that’s one of the mysteries I haven’t solved yet.  I always tried to close my eyes and believe that angels, invisible in their gossamer dresses, were keeping their loving vigil.  I learned slowly, that if you don’t look at the world with perfect vision, you’re bound to get yourself cooked.  Even though I may still be looking through the dark glass, even though I haven’t finished learning the lessons, I’m the only one who tells the story from beginning to end.”

Check out the complexity ands set up of those sentences.  My god.  A master at work.  Happy writing everyone.  I feel inspired.

6 thoughts on “Angels, Invisible in Their Gossamer Dresses

  1. Lyra

    Could there possibly be a more direct paragraph to capture the essence of what you are going through? Whoa. Get thee butt to a chair and carry on…

  2. Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

    This is lovely. Wonderfully articulated. Inspiring. Damn. Wish I wasn’t half-asleep and feeling too dead to capitalize on it.

    Guess I have to come back this way tomorrow.

    Don’t you wish we could schedule the freakin’ muse?

  3. amyg

    i can’t help but wonder what lines (chapters?) came before this one in the first draft. in the height of revisions, i now wonder what got cut no matter what i’m reading.

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