Writer’s Best Friend

I found this link to photos of famous writers and their canine companions on Tayari Jones’s blog today.  I couldn’t help but notice that my two heroes — Styron and Cheever — both had yellow labs.  So maybe I didn’t find my Lea by accident?

Me and my girls, Lucy Lou and Lea


17 thoughts on “Writer’s Best Friend

      1. Teri Post author

        It’s official. I’m technically inept. But I have a feeling I know what tomorrow’s blog will be about — featuring Abby! ha.

  1. erikamarks

    Oh, I think dogs just know.

    And I am CERTAIN that they find us, not the other way around. Don’t you think?
    Yours are wonderful looking, Teri. I bet they took to the water ten seconds after that photo was snapped.

    I’ve put up a bunch of my dearest Olive and could easily find a way to insert one into every one of my posts.

  2. amyg

    have you read gail caldwell’s Let’s Take the Long Way Home? it’s mostly about her friendship with caroline knapp, but it’s also about their dogs. i think you would like it.

    1. Teri Post author

      I have Caroline Knapp’s book, but I’d forgotten about Gail’s. I need to look it up. Thanks for telling me.

  3. lisahgolden

    Driving home today, I saw a yellow lab wandering the neighborhood and clucked my tongue about the irresponsible pet owner who let such a beautiful dog roam. I am so sick of seeing dead animals on the side of the road here.

    Anyway, now I wonder if there’s a writer who lives around here. I’m going to have to investigate.

    1. Teri Post author

      Oh No! But I’m glad to know you’re on the case, Lisa. I have faith that all will be well — or someone’s ass is about to get kicked — either way, you’re in charge and that makes me sleep better at night.

  4. Lyra


    Writers + Yellow Labs = Published Writers

    You’re in the home stretch!

    I know you have trouble with math, so I thought I’d help you out.

    1. Teri Post author

      From your mouth to a good agent’s ear, Lyra. Bless you. And I DO have trouble with math. All help is much appreciated. 🙂

  5. Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

    Wait, where are all the photos of the mutts?

    And the cats?

    And the (in my case, recently departed) fish?

    All I know is, nearly every writer I’ve ever met has pets of some sort. Pets keep us sane. They provide an easy and non-judgmental ear whenever we need to cry over some frustrating paragraph or another rejection.

    I’ve always loved yellow labs. My menagerie is full as hell, but maybe one of those will find me next.

    1. Teri Post author

      I hear you, Sherry! I’m all about the mutts too — my Lucy is a mutt, called a “lethal white” aussie because she was born without much pigment. They’re usually blind and deaf, and are therefore put to sleep as pups. Turns out Lucy has just barely enough pigment to both see and hear, and even with missing a leg, she’s a force to be reckoned with! ha!

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