Your resident list-maker has, today, a short list of follow ups from recent posts.

1.  Based on Erika’s recommendation, I ordered Roseanne Cash’s memoir — COMPOSED — and can’t wait to read it.  In fact, I read the first 2 chapters last night even though I’ve got about 8 books on the fire at the moment.  Maybe even more than 8.  Geez.

2.  My book club is one week away and I still have not started Wally Lamb’s THE HOUR I FIRST BELIEVED.  I feel so guilty.  It’s 800 pages and seems, at this point, to be taunting me.  “Some things never change,” it says.  “No matter how much you pretend to be organized and on top of things, you’re still the girl who waits until the weekend before it’s due to write that 20 page research paper.  When will you ever learn?!”  Uh, never?

3.  After reading Tom Grimes’s MENTOR, I sent him a short note telling him how much I enjoyed it.  How surprised was I to get the nicest e-mail from him which said, in part, “thanks for taking the time to let me know what you felt after reading the book.  As you know, for any writer that’s the most sought after thing — connection with someone else.”

4.  Last week I recommended Vivian Gornick’s THE SITUATION AND THE STORY for nonfiction writing guidance.  I ended up re-reading it and making more notes.  It was exactly what I needed — thanks to Downith for bringing it back into the light.

5.  I’ve got dogs on the brain.  This is not unusual (ask my husband) but this month I have a dog-ish essay coming out in Redivider which I promise to hoist shamelessly upon you the minute it hits the press.  On a related note, yesterday Jess tried to post a photo in ‘comments’ of her muse, Abby, and ended up e-mailing it instead.  Blasted technology!  But Abby’s picture reminded me so much of a photo of Lea, I had to post them side by side.  Check out these gorgeous girls — a couple of wet and happy labs, at attention!

Jess's Abby
My Lea