Yesterday might have been Good Friday, but starting about 4 p.m. it seemed more like a mild dose of Friday the 13th.

Lucy Lou went tearing after a couple of rascally squirrels and bounded, proudly, back into the house with a bloody foot.  This is the curse of the 3-legged dog:  when you’re already missing one foot, you can’t afford to get an infection in another.  It was a minor cut but it kept bleeding, so off we sped to the vet (before they closed for the weekend!) for a proper wound cleaning and bandage.

After the bloody-paw-scramble, I checked my e-mail and got a jolt.  Someone needing “a favor.”  I was so shocked to see this person’s name in my inbox that I — literally — stood up and paced around before opening the message.  Turns out it was one of those favor requests you get after someone has treated you horribly, has humiliated you, but months later decides you might be an asset.  It took everything I had not to respond with, “You’re joking, right?” but I took the other road and pressed delete.  Delete, delete, delete.

For $2.99, I downloaded to my iPad the Jon Krakauer investigation of Greg Mortenson’s charity (the Central Asia Institute),THREE CUPS OF TEA, and STONES INTO SCHOOLS.  You should read this.  I barreled through the 75 pages in one sitting, getting angrier by the minute.  The extent of the fictionalizations, the promises not kept, his lies about Pakistanis and Afghanis who protected him and treated him like a distinguished guest only to be betrayed, his arrogant and dismissive attitude in dealing with his board of directors, …. the list goes on and on.  Has Mortenson done some good work?  Sure.  But if Krakauer is on-point — and I have to believe he is — Mortenson’s good deeds will not come close to balancing out the mismanagement, the lies upon lies, and the millions of dollars NOT SPENT on schools.  I was left disgusted.

And then:  how about that tornado at the St. Louis Airport?!  Growing up in Missouri, we spent many weather-scary evenings in the basement with a radio.  I’d barely finished the Krakauer book, and was ready for bed, when the news flashed with pictures of a ripped-apart terminal at Lambert Field.  Thankfully it appears that injuries were minor.

I’m glad it’s Saturday.  Wake up and start over.  Lucy Lou is glad, too, but hobbling about on 2 legs is tough on a pup.  She’s holding out for Monday — and bandage-removal.