When Down In The Brambles

The Brambles

Please, please tell me the Obama birth question — which should have never been a question — has been put to rest.  As I paid my $5 per gallon of gas this week, with Donald Trump yapping through the radio in the car, I tried to remember how long this has been going on.  Two years?  It’s shocking to me how many articles have been written, how many conversations had, how many pundits blathered, on this non-subject.  Yet …

Two years ago I wrote a political piece (coming out this summer) wherein my Aunt Mary and I have a blow-up about this very subject.  Here’s how it went down:

My last tangle had come over the phone with my Aunt Mary from back home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri (also Rush Limbaugh’s hometown): “Your Obama is a Muslim terrorist and he wasn’t even born in the United States,” she said, matter-of-fact and not for the first time, after which I lost my mind and screamed – screamed and cursed – at my sixty-five year old diabetic, half-blind, cancer surviving, favorite aunt until she hung up on me.

What thorny non-issues have you found yourself arguing about?  What has been your waste of time?

18 thoughts on “When Down In The Brambles

  1. Lyra

    What has gotten me recently is the backlash Jennifer Egan has gotten regarding her advice to women writers. More to come on that, I think.

    1. Teri Post author

      Thanks for pointing me to that, Lyra. I’ve got a houseguest so I’m in a bit of a literary-news-blackout … Instead of reading I’m running around fluffing blankets and keeping ahead of the dishwasher.

  2. Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

    I get so fired up about the Obama birth craziness that it literally makes me want to grab these idiots (no offense, Aunt Mary) around their necks and shake the hell out of them!

    And I’m a pacifist.

    I’ve never seen ignorance and inflammatory BS at such an all-time high as it’s been during this poor guy’s presidency. He could have helped cure cancer and brought us world peace, and naysayers would still be saying, “Yes, but where’s his birth certificate?”

  3. erikamarks

    Well, since you asked, dear….What DOESN’T rile me as of late?

    I still can’t quite wrap my head around the Trump thing. It’s Twilight Zone stuff, seriously. Bill Cosby’s brilliant deadpan blow-off of the whole ludicrous idea on the Today show is still my fav–I download the clip when I am in particular need of rescuing from my fears. That, and anything John Stewart, but that’s another story…

      1. Teri Post author

        Me too, Sherry, and I thought the last one was insane. This one might make me pull out all of my hair, strand by strand.

  4. Averil Dean

    Not a non-issue, but a few days after the tsunami, my nephew regurgitated the Foxburger, saying we should all be encouraged by the mild damage to the nuclear reactors. He figured the naysayers should be silenced, and attempted to silence me when I explained that the situation was out of control. I’ll be seeing him this weekend, and you can be sure I’ll revisit that issue.

    About the birther nonsense, they will now be scrambling for reasons why it was not released sooner, etc. Morons.

    1. Teri Post author

      You must (must!) fill us in after you have your talk. As if I’m not crazy enough, I’ve been “religioned” today. If only I believed in Christ life would be easier, and everything we need to know to live and be healthy is in the Bible. Ugh.

  5. Deb

    I can’t grasp why anyone would think outing our president would be a good thing. Yeah, let’s look like complete idiots for the entire world. I’ve seen firsthand how this crap is reported overseas and it makes my blood boil.

    1. Teri Post author

      Yesterday I said something about us having a black president (being a positive thing) and a woman responded with, “well, he isn’t really all that black, now is he.”


  6. MacDougal Street Baby

    I told my husband that if Trump becomes our next President, I’m relocating out of The States. I couldn’t live with that kind of humiliation.

    All my non-issues center around my children and their whining over what’s fair and not fair. So often I have to stop myself from showing them pictures of children who are stricken with deadly diseases or who live in war ravaged cities or who are simply starving but sometimes I come so close, it’s terrifying.

  7. lisahgolden

    Let’s just say that the Goldens are applying for passports. Before they get any more difficult to obtain.

    Me paranoid? Oh, um…yeah.

    Politics in general can get me in trouble which is why I try not to talk about them much.

    I started a short story about dividing this country to give the rightwingers some space to have their little tax-free, regulation-free, Christian, white, patriarchal, libertarian nirvana. I still like to toy with the idea of that as a real experiment.

    Also, all those government haters? They’ll be screaming for FEMA help in wake of the storms, won’t they?

    1. Teri Post author

      Agreed on all counts, Lisa. And I always love how people don’t want any government, but they’re happy to call in “the government” to save them after disasters. Though they don’t want to pay for it.

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