The Brambles

Please, please tell me the Obama birth question — which should have never been a question — has been put to rest.  As I paid my $5 per gallon of gas this week, with Donald Trump yapping through the radio in the car, I tried to remember how long this has been going on.  Two years?  It’s shocking to me how many articles have been written, how many conversations had, how many pundits blathered, on this non-subject.  Yet …

Two years ago I wrote a political piece (coming out this summer) wherein my Aunt Mary and I have a blow-up about this very subject.  Here’s how it went down:

My last tangle had come over the phone with my Aunt Mary from back home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri (also Rush Limbaugh’s hometown): “Your Obama is a Muslim terrorist and he wasn’t even born in the United States,” she said, matter-of-fact and not for the first time, after which I lost my mind and screamed – screamed and cursed – at my sixty-five year old diabetic, half-blind, cancer surviving, favorite aunt until she hung up on me.

What thorny non-issues have you found yourself arguing about?  What has been your waste of time?