Saw This, Thought of You

MacDougal Street Baby sent me this photo as a gift:  Saw This, Thought Of You.  Of course she’s talking about the I Love Labs plaque (right on the money) but …  check out all the messages in the rest of the photo.

I love it.  Thank you, MSB.  This made my week.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  Oh sister, you got that right.


10 thoughts on “Saw This, Thought of You

    1. Teri Post author

      Me, too, Lisa. And I’ve not forgotten about you. We’ve had visitors from out of town all week …

  1. Laura

    What a happy bookcase!

    There is nothing more touching than to receive a “This made me think of you” gift that really and truly seems to connect with the core of you who you are…for a moment, the whole world feels a little less lonely.

    1. MacDougal Street Baby

      “A Woman of Valor More Precious Than Rubies.”

      I love this store. It’s one of the few places of business in my part of the ‘burbs that reeks of originality. I always find just what I’m looking for.

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