Oh I Wish That I Was Jesse’s Girl

I’m guessing Jesse could help me clean out my closet, empty the junk drawer, and write my book.  I am absolutely convinced of this.  Enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Oh I Wish That I Was Jesse’s Girl

  1. Downith

    Jesus – how many dog biscuits did it take before he did all THAT! When he pulled off the sock and gave her the flip flog I wondered if he was about to give her a pedicure!

    1. Teri

      Believe me, Lisa. The dogs are more work than I ever imagined! And I picked two shedders — so how smart am I????

  2. Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

    Where can I find a canine like that?

    All my dog can do is let me know when he needs to pee. Guess I should at least be glad about that.

    And none of my pets have helped a bit with my writing. Except for the time one of the cats puked all over my ms. Guess those were his editorial comments.

    Thanks for the laugh, Teri! I needed it today.

  3. erikamarks

    Oh, Teri–I have to tell you when I first read the post title, I thought it was going to be an homage (or rather, an Oh-no-mage) to Rick Springfield for his recent DUI charge.) And while I did like the Rickster once upon a time and was sorry to see his recent hiccup, I was VERY thrilled to find this video. Oh my. I’ve shown it to Olive and she gave me the try-it-and-wake-to-poop-in-your-shoes look.

    Where did you find this gem?

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