Cheers to all my mothers...
1. Thanks to my children who understand how hard Mothers Day is for this mama. Austin, who mailed the card a week early, and Chloe Alexis who’s flowers arrived last Wednesday. You’re the best kids…

2. Thanks to my stepmother, Shirley, my Aunts Mary, Angie, Jan, Cookie, and Jody, and mother in law Kay, for filling in the gaps as best you can.

3. For my girlfriends who sent their good wishes, hugs and kisses today, especially you Lisa. And to their moms — Mom B, Jeanine, and Myrime — for keeping an eye on me for the last 30 years.

4. And of course, my fellow bloggers. Like sanity on-call, with my morning coffee. Looking forward to seeing AmyG next week.

5. Honestly, this list could go on and on.

It really does take a village.