Boundless Grounds, and Beyond

I don’t even know where to start with the AmyG meet-up — of course there is way too much for one post — but I know you want photos so here they are. First things first.

Since both of us might beat the record for coffee consumed per day, what better place to meet?

We had no idea they had a little lending library as you walked in the front door. How appropo. Even a guitar.

The Book Nook ...

At our tiny square table in Boundless Grounds, we talked nonstop for about 2 hours. It wasn't until AmyG got up that I noticed 3 women at a table down the way. They said, "You girls have not stopped visiting since you sat down!" You 'girls.' 🙂

After leaving Boundless Grounds, we drove up the hill. Outside the Benedictine monastery on the hill, we walked down some concrete stairs --- which we discovered were shaped to be the rosary --- and had our picnic lunch on a concrete bench. A canopy of trees kept the few light sprinkles away.

Here's a peek at the inside of the church. We were the only ones there --- well, except for a quiet nun in the pews to the right. We wanted to go up on the altar but thought the nun might not care much for that. Still, we somehow, ACCIDENTALLY, found ourselves up there anyway. 😉

We climbed the spiral staircase of the monastery for a gander at the view. Mist-laden, rolling hills. Spectacular. Time was too too short. I can't believe it was all over so quickly.

13 thoughts on “Boundless Grounds, and Beyond

  1. amyg

    ack! you beat me to it…you’re supposed to be traveling.

    i have a good picture of us too that i’ll post. i’d give anything now for a picture of that portrait of mary meeting with elizabeth, you know, the anti-abortion one?

    love your photos. i never even noticed that guitar when we were there.

  2. Erika Marks

    Teri (and Amy!), I’ve been so hoping we’d get a peek at your visit and you went ahead and delivered the goods–and so much more. You both look gorgeous and glowing and just so damn happy. Who could ask for anything more?

  3. Lyra

    What a lovely day. You two look so happy, and so stunning. I hope you were able to get to the stuck to move on to unstuck…

  4. Downith

    What everyone else said!! So great that you got to meet up. And I need to hear about that bible story that I’ve never heard of.

  5. Laura

    Oh, you girls! 🙂

    It’s you guys, together!! So great. And I just want to say I am coveting that flower-patterned chair in the cafe so, so hard.

  6. Ann K Wahl

    I am the owner of Boundless Grounds Coffee Cafe, I am so happy you liked my place great things are happening in the little town of Ferdinand In. Spoken Word nights, music , and many great meetings of people like you, Thank you Ann K Wahl and staff

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