Where oh where is my routine?  For the last 3 weeks I’ve either had house guests or been traveling, and while it was all great fun I can tell I am totally out of sorts.  I’m not sleeping well, and was up again this morning at 4:15.  My diet is a bit heavy on the pizza and chips.  I’m not working on my manuscript, even though I have ideas popping up all over.  On Sunday, I broke into the ugly cry at my in-laws house and ended up in the bathroom rubbing ice cubes on my eye lids to calm myself down.  Jesus.  Even my poor puppy dogs aren’t quite themselves.  When I picked them up at the kennel this morning the owner said, “Lucy has really settled.  She slept a lot this weekend.”

Excuse me?  Are we talking about my Lucy?

Is there a month-long full moon?

Anyway, that’s enough of that nonsense.  Back to my old routine.  Which starts, of course, with this itsy little list:

1.  I received my first graduation card in today’s mail.  Thank you, Lisa.  You know me so well!

2.  I finished SILVER SPARROW by Tayari Jones.  It was a nice, easy read, the kind of book I’d enjoy at the beach.  The structure was interesting — the father is a bigamist, and two sisters who don’t know each other tell their version of family life — but I think I was distracted by other, heavier books I’m reading.  Like Mira Bartok’s THE MEMORY PALACE.  Imagine having to change your name because you think your mother is going to track you down and murder you?  More about that and so much more when I’m finished.

3.  Has anyone tried this BOOKS FREE website?  I’m trying to figure out how/why I would use it.  Any thoughts?

4.  Did you see the Oprah interviews this week with James Frey?  I watched the first one last night.  Yowza, what a mess.  But also some pretty good insight into how things work in publishing land, as well as lighting up what can happen to someone’s life in the realm of Celebrity.

5.  Also in today’s mail, I received a personal rejection for a short essay.  It read:  Really enjoyed your piece.  Good voice.  But not right for us.  A bit too long as well.  Best, M.A.  Odd, considering I withdrew this essay back in November when it was accepted elsewhere.  And when I checked their website today, they said they wanted stories of 30 pages or less.  This one was about 16 pages.  None of this makes a lick of sense to me.

Not a lick of sense, I tell you.  So.  I’m off to walk my calm dog (ha!) and then I’m pouring myself an IBC Cream Soda.  What could go wrong?