1891:  On today’s dog walk (sprained knee and all … don’t ask) I passed the neighborhood Boo Radley house and found it up for sale.  Built in 1891, historical house and neighborhood, 4 bedrooms and 1 bath, ideal for the buyer who enjoys working with older properties and wants to preserve the integrity of the house.  Large 2-story tank house attached.  Tank house?  What’s a tank house?  I have never noticed said tank house; I might need to investigate.

1891:  Carnegie Hall opens.  Telephone connection occurs between London and Paris.  Jews are tossed out of Moscow.  Paul Gaugin leaves Marseille for Tahiti.  The Empire State express train barrels from New York City to Buffalo in a record 7 hours, 6 minutes.

Blenheim Palace, the bedroom where Winston Churchill is born.

1891:  Winston Churchill is 17 years old.  At the Harrow School, he starts his military training.  He earns high marks in History and English.  Churchill will die in 1965, the year I’m born.

1891:  My great-great grandparents, Fredrick and Minnie, have emigrated from Germany and settled on a farm in the Missouri River Bottom.  In their farmhouse — and without the aid of a doctor or midwife — Minnie will give birth to ten healthy children.  Their farm (and their neighbors’ farms) take on too much water each time the Mississippi River floods, so much water that they have to move out of their homes each time.  How do you move out of your home, temporarily, in 1891, with 10 children?  After too many years and the loss of too many crops, Fredrick builds the family a house in town.  He supports them by doing carpentry work.  In his later years, after his children are grown and gone with families of their own, Fredrick becomes a master broom maker.  He goes door to door, selling his brooms.

1891.  Historic house for sale.  In California.  2-story tank house attached.