Now that summer is here, I’ll only be blogging once a week.  Unless, of course, something crazy happens; then I’ll be back here and all over it.

Summer is when I get my best reading and writing done.  Off I go to work on my manuscript.  If there’s an emergency, you can find me in the back of the local library (where they don’t have windows or WiFi) in my sweat-shorts, my mother’s favorite red sweater, and noise-canceling headphones.

This is me the week I started Kindergarten. I am pretending to read the big fat book in my hands. Both "pretending" and "reading" being signs of things to come.


This is me at my 7th birthday party. Some unwitting neighbor girl gave me a doll. Note the slumped shoulders, the disappointment. Somebody get that ungrateful girl to the library.