The Girl Who Reads Stories … And Writes Them, Too

Now that summer is here, I’ll only be blogging once a week.  Unless, of course, something crazy happens; then I’ll be back here and all over it.

Summer is when I get my best reading and writing done.  Off I go to work on my manuscript.  If there’s an emergency, you can find me in the back of the local library (where they don’t have windows or WiFi) in my sweat-shorts, my mother’s favorite red sweater, and noise-canceling headphones.

This is me the week I started Kindergarten. I am pretending to read the big fat book in my hands. Both "pretending" and "reading" being signs of things to come.


This is me at my 7th birthday party. Some unwitting neighbor girl gave me a doll. Note the slumped shoulders, the disappointment. Somebody get that ungrateful girl to the library.

15 thoughts on “The Girl Who Reads Stories … And Writes Them, Too

  1. lizisilver

    I’ll be right there with you: in the back of the library, reading and writing in my private little cave. It’s what I need right now. I also need a pair of noise-canceling headphones right about NOW. Too much noise, and I’m not even on Twitter…

    1. Teri Post author

      Noise canceling headphones are, quite possibly, the best invention ever. I even use them when I’m working at home, for the noise factor, but also because they say to my husband, “I’m focused. Only talk to me if the house is on fire.”

    1. Teri Post author

      You’re right, AmyG. It IS the “are you kidding” face. I was such a tomboy and reading nerd, sooooo not into dolls. Dolls were for girls!

  2. Lisa Golden

    Those photos show how we’re formed quite young, don’t they? I love the idea of a set schedule, so to speak. Count me in. Once a week is definitely doable.

    Happy reading and writing!

  3. jess

    I use the headphones to listen to books and Teaching Company lectures on my ipod while I mow the lawn with my rickety and loud old mower. I mow an acre, so those three hours have to be spent doing something productive.

    I wish I could be as productive in the summer, but something about the lure of my quarter acre of vegetables and the weeds in the flowers and the brook babbling behind my house and the spring-fed lake our town uses as the swimming hole calls to me…nothing is more beautiful than New Hampshire in the summer.

    But as I have little choice this summer (I stand to piss off TWO agents in one season), it’s write, write, write.

      1. jess

        I do have to admit, it’s pretty lovely. My first book, THE EDUCATION OF A FLATLANDER, was about this town and my (mis)adventures in it. Alas, that book did not sell but remnants of it live on at

        Working on a new post for the other blog now…this one’s been a fun one to write!

  4. erikamarks

    It seems this time of year is as transitional for all of us older students as it is for the kiddos flying out of the school doors. So glad you’ll be writing, Teri–and I love those pictures, Here I’m hitting the road for Maine tomorrow to see family and friends and to take in big gulps of salty ocean air and rugosa roses. I love to think of all of us coming back like schoolkids with tales of our summer adventures for show and tell.

  5. Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

    I love these pics! A nice glimpse into the childhood of Teri. I think all of us should post some old photos from our childhood! (Except me, because then I’d have to figure out how to do it, and my tech-help is studying abroad in Italy.)

    One post a week is all I can manage year-round, so I totally understand your decision to go weekly. And because you plan to polish your ms? I’m thinking you need to post a snippet here now and then for us to enjoy. Sounds like a win-win plan to me…

  6. Laura

    Those pictures are fabulous! I would have reacted the same way to a doll.

    “Both ‘pretending’ and ‘reading’ being signs of things to come.” Perfect!

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