5 yr olds on a field trip to the Musee d'Orsay in Paris

Writers often ask, Do I need an MFA?  And there are those who often answer, You don’t need an MFA to write your book.  True enough.  But like most things, I don’t believe the answer is quite so simple.

I was not raised in an environment that valued education, but I’ve loved school since the first day of Kindergarten.  I finally finished college at age 39, and grad school at 45.  You’re never too old, right?  As for choosing the MFA, I was a reader and a writer, and I had the desire to keep learning, and to do that learning in a structured, university environment.  I may not have needed an MFA, but I most certainly wanted the process of getting it.

Looking back, there are things I wish I’d known before I started my MFA program, things that might have helped me manage both my romantic expectations and my time better.  I’m sharing these today over at Laura Maylene Walter’s blog, where she kindly asked me to guest post.  Click here to find out how it went for me.