The Duchess

How do you like my new coffee cup?

Last week, I slipped out of the U.S. of A. and made my way across the pond.  To London.

Better yet, on Thursday morning, I shoved my way through the masses in Waterloo station where I hopped the train to Winchester.  And though she’s not actually in Winchester, that was as close as I could get for a glimpse of our dear Duchess Downith.

She met me outside Winchester station wearing her plastic finest gold tiara — and really, would you expect anything less?  I wish I’d snapped a photo right then, but honest to Betsy I was so surprised to be in England at all (can you say, “last minute plans?”), and to be looking our Duchess square in her baby blues, that I completely forgot myself and my camera.

There really was a tiara.  I swear!

We enjoyed coffee and apricot pastries at a little outdoor cafe.  We wandered down the lane and then chatted away on the steps in front of Winchester Cathedral.  Clouds drifted overhead, but the rain held off.  We polished off our rendezvous with lunch and a glass of champagne.

It was like being reunited with an old friend after being too long away, so engaging we almost forgot to have lunch.  Imagine!  We covered what we could of Books and Families and Writing and Childhoods and the Blogosphere and Mothers and School and Old Careers and Fathers (oy, Fathers) and our WIPs and still ….. you know what?  We needed more time!  Downith said her husband had asked, What are you going to talk about for 4 hours?  Ha!  Husband, you’ll be pleased to know we never shut up during what seemed like so very few minutes together; we were so honed in I barely remember the cobbled streets or what Winchester Cathedral looks like.

It all went by too fast.  I felt like I’d just arrived, had just spotted that plastic fine gold tiara, and the next thing I knew the train doors had swept shut and I was speeding my way back to Waterloo station in London.

And I missed her already.  Our fabulous Duchess Downith.  What a pleasure.

Luckily, in the final minutes I remembered my camera and the Duchess asked a passerby snap a quick photo.  Proof.  Lest you think I made this all up.


13 thoughts on “The Duchess

  1. Downith

    Teri, it was so wonderful to meet you too -so glad we had the opportunity.

    I put my post up too – they are scarily similar!


  2. Bobbi

    JEALOUS!!!! Tea with the Duchess, what could be finer? I’m trying to get her over to France for some wine and pastry. Of course she has to wear her tiara here as well…


    1. Teri Post author

      Bobbi, you surely don’t have to twist the Duchess’s arm that hard. It should go something like this:

      Come see me in France.


      Tres simple!

  3. macdougalstreetbaby

    As I just said on D’s blog, ya’ll make me so happy. I want to smother you in hugs!

    1. Teri Post author

      Yes, Lizi — it’s called grown kids living away from home. Honest to Betsy, this happens. My kids are thrilled I’m having these grand adventures…. I think it makes them realize I’m not dead yet.

  4. Lyra

    Back in the day, there was this guy who was a big trader for a big company. He had a doll (I’m sure the alpha male called it something else, but, well yeah, it was a doll) that looked eerily similar to him and we called “Spanky” for reasons that I leave to your imaginations. If your mind is in the gutter you’re on track. Someone stole Spanky and proceeded to take him on vacations, than follow up with a ransom note sent to the guy. Spanky went around the world many times, I did my part and took him to Wrigley field.

    Teri you are our very own Spanky.

    Lovely picture of two gorgeous women. Love.

  5. Laura

    Yay! I love hearing about these real-life blog meetups. And in London! Lucky you.

    I will don my own (metaphorical) tiara and raise my teacup in salute.

  6. amyg

    holy moly, i’m behind (and a behind…and for that matter, have a behind).

    anyway, you know even when i’m gone i’m thinking about you and am so very happy that you got to meet Downith. very sweet picture.

    averil at the beach, me in a monastery, Downith IN LONDON!! who’s next on the teri tour? i wanna come.

    thanks for the pictures.

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